Why service your fire curtains?

It is a legal requirement to keep your fire curtains well maintained and operational.

The components that make a fire curtain, such as motors and batteries, can deteriorate over time and may require replacing.

It is also common for curtains to be damaged over time, for example, during a power failure, or when something obstructs the path of the curtain when it descends during tests.

It is recommended that you get your fire curtains serviced very 6-12 months, to ensure they remain operational and have experts on hand to check for any defective components or damage

Why Choose Ultimate Fire & Smoke for servicing?

Our Ultimate Fire Curtain Service Includes

  • Full System Health Check
  • Battery Replacement
  • Service Completion Certificate
  • Discount on replacement parts
  • Report including issues
  • IFC Certified

Trusted across the world

We have over 70 years combined experience manufacturing, installing, servicing and reparing fire curtains across the UK and worldwide.

Our engineers are best placed to check your fire curtain installation and ensure it remains fit for purpose, and advise on any replacements/repairs required.

We can also service curtains installed by others, and often have customers come to us where the original installer no longer offers servicing.

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