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Did you know that smoke inhalation is the main cause of fire-related deaths?

Protect your building and inhabitants with smoke curtains that you can trust from the world’s leading supplier of fire protection products.

At Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd, we are unparalleled in our experience and service in this industry, making us your first choice for fire and smoke curtains. We supply and install automatic smoke curtains designed to hold back smoke, giving people up to one hour of safety to escape the building. Considering that only a few inhalations of smoke can.

Our automatic smoke curtains are designed to hold back the smoke and allow people to escape to safety, offering them one-hour protection. We also provide unbeatable fire curtains, so get in touch today to chat with one of our experts about your property’s fire and smoke curtains requirements.

Why choose Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd for smoke curtains?

Our smoke curtains are slim and lightweight, while also incredibly robust. As part of our bespoke smoke curtain fitting service, we will measure, install and test your curtains, ensuring maximum efficacy and safety.

Other benefits of our smoke curtains include:

  • Unlimited width smoke curtains with a drop of up to 8 meters
  • Can be made from drawings to within 5mm of your specifications
  • Easy installation
  • Delivery will take between 2 and 5 days
  • Battery back-up to negate the risk of mains failure

How our smoke curtains work

Smoke curtains strengthen the fire defence of your property in the unlikely event of a fire. The smoke seal aims to minimize damage to the building while keeping the air as clean as possible while people vacate the building.

After the initiation of two alarm inputs, typically your local fire alarm panel, your smoke detectors, or indeed any volt-free contact, our smoke curtains will automatically close.

Once the alarm input is set, you can choose how your fire curtain will close from a number of options

  • To close as soon as any local warning systems are set off
  • To wait for a given time period before closing
  • To partially close and then wait a given period of time before closing completely
  • Another alarm output available is the incorporation of other local alarm equipment, such as voice warning systems, flashing beacons, and sirens.

Our smoke curtain products

Now that you know why it’s vital to minimize the spread of smoke in a building, here’s a little more about our full range of smoke curtains:

Fail-Safe Smoke Curtains
Fail-Safe Smoke Curtains

Our Pro Gravity Fail-Safe Curtain upholds the industry standard, offering unprecedented protection against smoke and fire. Our smoke curtains allow for protection from the rapid movement of smoke through a building, saving lives and minimizing damage to your property at the same time.

The Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd range is tested and certified to BS7346 Part 3 for smoke two-hour performance for smoke containment.

In addition:

Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd control panels have a built in building management system

When activation has occurred. Saving you time and distractions in the event of a fire, so you can focus on keeping people safe and evacuating the building as quickly as possible.

The Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd control panels carry the following features:

  • Delay before descent up to 15 minutes as standard
  • Split drop-delay up to 15 minutes as standard
  • Second knock fire alarm activation as standard
  • Connection to building control system as standard
  • Automatic reset after alarm activation as standard
  • Key switch on panel as standard
  • 24-hour battery backup as standard
  • Audio/Visual warning
  • Fireman’s switch
  • Self-testing 60 day
  • Voice warning
  • Emergency retract switch
  • Group control for multi systems up to 200 motors per Group controller

Keep your building and personnel safe with the world’s best fire and smoke products, including our unparalleled smoke curtains.

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