Third Party Certified Fire curtain installers

Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains are one of the few third party certified fire curtain installers in the UK.

We offer a full service from quote, measure, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance.

Smoke Curtains installation

Our invaluable solutions help businesses, homeowners and shopping centres as well as a wide range of establishments to deal with their fire safety concerns. Our third party certified fire curtains provides unrivalled fire safety solutions in the form of fire and smoke curtains and shutters.

We have a range of fire curtains to suit your individual needs, providing up to 4 hours of protection against the spread of flames and the circulation of smoke, freeing up time for people to evacuate the building and for the fire services to arrive and put out the flames.

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Explained: Fire Curtain Installation

This guide will inform you about the ins and outs of the processes involved with regard to the manufacture of fire curtains and the installation process involved, which will depend on your establishment.

5 steps of fire curtain installation and manufacturing

Our full service from quote to install is designed to be quick, efficient and work around your project.

Step 1 – Give us a call and acquire a quote

When you contact us at Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd, we will work with you to understand your requirements and provide the most suitable product we have in the most cost effective way. We are based in Sunderland, UK, but work with companies across the whole of the UK and beyond.

Our commercial team are on hand to quickly provide a no obligation quotation and technical drawings, giving you all the information you need, while been on hand for any further questions you may have.

We will discuss with you how many curtains you have, where they will be placed, what level of protection is required and any specific requirements you may have.

we understand how important our products are, which is why we always aim to respond within 24 hours to all queries, helping you find a solution faster.

Step 2 – We survey your site, and manufacture your fire curtains

Once you are happy to proceed with your quote, we will arrange to meet with you on site and take final measurements for the required curtains. This is an opportunity for you to meet with the installation engineers, ask any technical questions you may have, and get expert advice relating to your installation.

The engineers on site will also advise on any work that is required ahead of installation, such as wiring, ensuring the opening is suitable and secure, and location for any additional extras such as retract switches or flashing beacons.

With the final measurements, we will generate technical drawings for your review. Once you are happy to proceed, we will pass the drawings to our manufacturing team to create the fire curtain.

Your curtain steelwork will be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choosing. We will request this during the survey stage also.

Step 3 – We Deliver and Install your fire curtains

Once your curtains have been manufactured, powder coated and checked internally, they will be ready for installation.

We will work with you to allow a smooth installation, ensuring everything is ready and everyone understands the installation process. You will be provided with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement ahead of our installation visit.

Once on site our fire curtain engineers will complete any required inductions on the day and will come prepared will all the tools, equipment and relevant certifications, including CSCS and PASMA where required.

Our third party certified fire curtain installers will then assess the area for installation, ensure everything is in place and identify any potential issues quickly.

Our fire curtain engineers will then begin to install the curtain, first by erecting the steelwork and ensuring a secure fixing to the wall, then installing the fabric, control panel and any additional accessories required.

Once installed, our engineers will then set the fire curtains operating limits and test the curtain under the fire alarm. Our installations are priced as one continuous visit, and we aim to complete all installs on the same visit. However, should the power or fire alarm not be present at the point of install, we would then arrange with you to return to site at a later date as a second fix.

After the team are satisified with their testing and the curtain is fully operational, we will provide a commissioning certificate and relevant documenation to show the curtain has been installed to the required standards.

Our engineers will, throughout this process, be on hand to provide advice and answer questions relating to the fire curtains should you need any further support.

Finally, we will be in touch after the installation to organise regular servicing and maintenance of your fire curtain, to ensure it remains fully operational and undamaged for years to come.

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Who are Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd?

Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd possess over 30 years’ experience of working within the fire safety industry and are considered to be the fire safety specialists throughout the UK and Ireland. Their client base is large and diverse, with clients ranging from the Wembley Arena in London to the Westfield shopping centre in Derby as well as busy, safety-orientated international airports in Birmingham and Gatwick.

Their diverse client base, built on strong and continuous relationships, shows Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd to be a trusted member of the fire safety industry, with the professional backing of fire services responsible for independently testing their products to ensure their safety of use.

From their base in Sunderland, where their manufacturing centre is located, Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd provide transparent information surrounding the expert design, manufacturing and installation of their fire curtains, providing durable and discrete curtains and shutters.

The slim and lightweight curtains produced by Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd provide the smallest carbon footprint and fewest emissions possible; they also allow the installation experts at Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd to create as little disruption and cost to your business as possible during the installation period.

It’s not just in fire curtains and the materials they comprise where Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd excel; they are also suitably qualified and experienced to repair the motors and alarm systems that are vital to the correct and versatile function of your new or ageing fire curtain.

Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd pride themselves on the products that they create and are always turning to research and development as a means to improve their products and make your businesses a safer place to be in the event of a fire.