How to Prevent Commercial Kitchen Fires

More than half of all fires involving cooking equipment in the UK occur in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and fast food outlets. Kitchen fires are incredibly hazardous and can lead to injury, loss of life and massive property damage. If the damage is too severe, the restaurant may also fail to recover. Nearly 60 % of businesses impacted by significant incidents such as fires never reopen or close within 18 months.

Some of the most common causes for commercial kitchen fires include:

  • Grease traps
  • Lack of ducting maintenance
  • Electrical faults
  • Inappropriate use of equipment
  • Lack of appropriate fire suppression techniques
  • Arson

How to Lower the Chances of a Commercial Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires can start in a matter of seconds and spread swiftly. Because kitchen fires result in the highest injury rates, it’s critical to take precautions to reduce risks and protect staff and guests.
Here are some basic precautions to protect yourself and avoid fires if you operate a restaurant or work in a commercial kitchen.

Service Your Equipment Regularly

Make sure your appliances and equipment are always properly maintained. If a fire does break out in your kitchen, having up-to-date and well-maintained equipment will minimise the potential for the fire to get out of control.

Educate Your Employees on Fire Safety

Everyone who works in or around your commercial kitchen should receive training on how to deal with fires. They should be aware of the location of fire extinguishers, how to use them and how to deal with a fire if one occurs.

Get Rid of Grease Buildup

It is critical to clean grease and grease-affected areas daily. Grease buildup in your kitchen may contact open flames, causing a fire to start and spread quickly. Take extra care of your ventilation system, which also captures grease.

Maintain a Safe Working Environment

Check your kitchen regularly for frayed electrical wires, trip hazards, and flammable debris near ovens, cooktops or other sources of fire. While a fire can occur anywhere, one of the best ways to lessen the risk is to have a safe kitchen that isn’t prone to mishaps.

Use Fire Shutters and Smoke Curtains

In case of a fire, fire curtains and fire shutters operate to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. Both can be triggered automatically by fire alarm systems, reducing property damage and saving lives.

Fire shutters are galvanised steel or stainless steel structural barriers that compartmentalise buildings to stop the spread of fire. Fire curtains are fire-resistant woven fibreglass barriers that can be deployed to restrict fire and smoke by closing off the area on fire.


Running a commercial kitchen is stressful and demanding. Because of this stress and the fast-paced nature of this line of work, mishaps, such as fires, are likely to happen. By following the steps outlined above to improve safety, you can reduce the risks posed by commercial kitchen fires to save lives, damage and disruption to your business.

To find out more about equipment designed to protect against fires in commercial kitchens, visit our website or give our friendly team a call. We’re always happy to offer advice.