Smoke Seals: What are they and why do businesses need them?

In the event of a fire, you need every confidence in the technology designed to keep your people and assets safe. Smoke Seals are one of those crucial pieces of technology that keep people safe in the unexpected event of a fire happening in a workplace.

Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd Fire & Smoke Curtains 8524-1 & 2 Ltd Smoke Seals are patented and will last up to 20 years. Unlike other smoke seals on the market, these won’t melt and get in the way of a fire curtain coming down.

What are smoke seals?

Smoke seals are usually fitted around the frame of a fire door, or the frame of a smoke curtain. They are integral to fire suppression systems within buildings and are designed to minimize the impact of any smoke.

What usually happens, with other non-patented smoke seals, made of brush strips, is they soon melt and fall out-of-place from the heat of a fire, usually preventing a fire curtain from coming down. So instead of giving people extra time to escape, other smoke seals on the market stop fire curtains from working as they should, making an already dangerous situation worse.

Not only does this put people at risk, but it also makes it less likely that assets can be salvaged, as the fire could easily destroy what a smoke curtain was designed to protect, providing a fire is put out quick enough.

Why install Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd Fire & Smoke Curtains 8524-1 & 2 Ltd Smoke Seals?

Knowing the problems usually encountered with other smoke seals, we have applied our years of experience to design something more effective.

Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd are the only company in the world to have designed, and are installing, this patented smoke seal. Companies are having them fitted around the outside of fire & smoke curtains, and even encased in walls around fire doors and fire curtains.

Not only is ours patented, but they can also last for 20 years, and don’t need servicing every year. We ensured they have been thoroughly fire tested, and can demonstrate that even at a temperature of 1100 degrees, the smoke seal will hold.

No one wants or expects a fire. Many in workplaces are accidental. According to the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), there are around 19,000 fires at work every year, and these can be devastating for small and medium businesses. Even if no one is hurt, or worse, some businesses don’t recover from fires.

You need peace of mind. If anything did happen, your business and staff are as protected as possible. With fire curtains, or smoke curtains in-place, alongside a patented Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd Smoke Seals, you can be confident the fire curtain will work properly. As these patented smoke seals can withstand higher temperatures for longer, a fire curtain should automatically fall in-place and provide the extra layer of protection you need during any fire situation.

Get the peace of mind you need, with a Ultimate Fire & Smoke Curtains Ltd Smoke Seal We are the only company in the world responsible for designing and installing these.

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